HB2434 Hearing Details

Join us in Topeka on Tuesday, February 18th to testify in support of passing HB2434.  Once passed into law, this bill which was introduced by Rep. Gail Finney, will revoke authority to suspend driving privileges for the nonpayment of fines from traffic citations.

Come to Topeka to Testify


The Problem

Currently, over 200,000 Kansans have had their drivers license suspended because they did not have  enough money to pay a traffic ticket and court costs within 30 days.  If you are one of those people, please write a one page description of how this injustice has impacted your life.  Then email it to  We will make 50 copies of your testimony and hand deliver them to Topeka on Tuesday, February 18th

Racial Profiling Advisory Board Amendment

Below are links to download a PDF copy of HB2434.  Then please download and read the Amendment which our Board has drafted to make sure that drivers will have their license reinstated once they pay their original traffic fine and court costs.  It also does away with the additional application and reinstatement fees currently demanded after you pay your original traffic fine.   In your testimony, please ask the legislators to include this amendment when they pass the bill. 

Testify in Person

Church vans will drive you to the State Capitol.  We will meet in the East parking lot across from Tabernacle Bible Church at 17th and Volutsia Street around 11:30am on Tuesday morning.  The vans will leave Wichita at 12 noon. So, please come if you can.  

The hearing starts at 3:30pm.  It will be in 346-South which is the Old Supreme Court room on the 3rd floor of the State Capitol.  We will return to Wichita around 7:30pm.

What to Say

It is important to show up and let Legislators know how devastating it is to not be able to legally drive in Kansas or any other state.  Let them know your willingness to comply with the original traffic fine.  But also let them know how impossible it is to pay all of the fines and fees which get added on each time you get stopped just trying to survive.

So we can plan for enough vans, please Click HERE to go to our Contact Us page and send an email letting us know that you want a free ride up to the State Capitol on Tuesday for the hearing.

Written Testimony Cover Letter

Every person who speaks at the hearing also needs to write a paragraph or two of why it is important to pass this bill into law.  At the top of your written testimony, please write your name, phone number, email address and whether you want to speak or just submit written testimony.  That way Legislators can contact you later to get more details than what you can provide during the hearing.   Click HERE to download a copy of the Judiciary Committee Cover Letter.

Make sure to email your written testimony and Cover Letter to before 12 noon on Monday February 17th.  We will print 50 copies and hand deliver them to the Legislators in Topeka for you in time for the Hearing at 3:30pm that afternoon.

Download HB2434

Here is a copy of  HB2434 as introduced.  The key changes in law are on Page 6, Subsection "g".  It will revoke the authority to suspend drivers licenses in Kansas to collect traffic fines and court costs.

Racial Profiling Advisory Board Suggested Amendment

House Judiciary Committee Agenda for February 17-21