Videos Of What To Do If You Are Stopped

One of the main activities of the RPAB is Community Awareness and Outreach.  Knowing what Racial Profiling is, what your Constitutional Rights are and what to do when you are stopped is essential.   

On May 6th, 2014, Ms. Sheila Officer, Chair and Dr. Walt Chappell, Vice-Chair of the RPAB, gave a public update to the Wichita City Council about the Board.
They also provided research findings which document the extent of the profiling taking place in Wichita plus the recommendations given to stop this egregious practice by a few WPD officers.

Click HERE or on the link below to watch a short video of this update.

The following
YouTube and public information links are also provided to help educate and inform.  Each case is different. But, the facts are clear, biased-based policing takes place throughout America--not just Wichita, Kansas.  Hopefully, the information and examples contained will help protect you if and when you are profiled by a law enforcement officer.

If you think you are being profiled--cooperate and be polite--Know Your Rights--act and speak respectfully--write down the officers’ names, the date and place--THEN let us know and file a complaint online.   Take photos or video of your stop if possible, but do not consent to any search of your vehicle or residence without a warrant signed by a Judge.  

Hopefully, these videos will help anyone who watches them become more familiar with racial profiling and why this injustice must stop. 

"Driving While Black"   

2.   The RIGHT Way to Handle a Police Stop

3.   The WRONG Way to Handle a Police Stop

4.   How to Refuse Police Searches

5.   What if I Refuse, But Police Search Me Anyway?

6.   10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length)

7.   Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System

8.   Face the Truth: Racial Profiling Across America

9.   Flex Your Rights Website

How to Deal with Police at Your Door

11.  Don't Expose Yourself to Police Suspicion

12.  Don't Snitch on Yourself

How to Stop Cities from Demolishing Homes

It is WRONG for cities to demolish vacant houses with economic value through "bulldozing" or allowing "nonprofit" entities to take possession without first obtaining a legal title to them and paying compensation to the home owner.  No city should be allowed to violate basic private property rights that are part of our American constitutional tradition.

Instead, there is OPPORTUNITY for small private sector entrepreneurs to purchase vacant and code challenged properties from willing property owners and to rehabilitate them for a profit.

This VIDEO details some of those OPPORTUNITIES.  See how neighborhood/community uplift is best achieved when willing property owners, sell their properties to buyers who want to rehabilitate the properties into quality low-cost, entry-level, houses.  EVERYONE WINS IN THIS PRIVATE SECTOR SOLUTION!

Please go to the Contact Us page to send a message to learn how you can purchase and fix up these homes.  Add value to your Community instead of more vacant lots gathering trash and weeds.

How To Reclaim Urban Homes

John Todd OPPOSITION HB 2506 14 March 2018 (pdf)